Did you know there is 30% of revenue when you nurture your client?

contentmarketingcrm helps you speak to those 30% who will send you referrals, buy your product and be part of your up-sell propositions.

Contentmarketing.crm is a different kind of sales and marketing CRM.

It has all the bells and whistles that other CRM’s have – the list of features are as long as a bible verse – and or “War and Peace”.

What is different?

I am so glad you asked…

What makes it unique is – it is


  • Appointment Sequence - text and email reminders & missed appointment sequence
  • Welcome Sequence - email, text and voice drop
  • On-boarding Sequence - emails and a cheat sheet video
  • Sales Lead Nurturing Campaign - text, email with GIF's & video
  • Current Client Nurturing Campaign - text, email with GIF's & video
  • Landing Page with video

Here is what is true - most business owners are to busy to be all up in the midst of a system - learning it and then writing content - figuring out triggers and then - if we factor in the cost of all the systems required to make the whole doggone thing tick - they are wore out, give up OR hire someone to maintain the entire mess.

Content Marketing CRM will help get your entire life together - there is a small learning curve - but, if my momma can figure it out you can too.